How can you use Amplify to help children grow in their faith?

Videos and media are a great tool for helping children learn. Mr. Rogers used videos to help children process deep topics like loneliness, diversity, and trauma. Sesame Street uses videos and online tools to teach children the alphabet, numbers, and social-emotional skills. School classrooms have integrated media, like videos, online research, and web coding, into every subject. (Common Core Standards even require public schools to train children how to “integrate and evaluate information presented in diverse media and formats, including visually, quantitatively, and orally.”[1]) And, these forms of media work in helping children develop, learn, and grow. A recent study shows that “skillful teaching with developmentally-appropriate and high-quality educational media, children experience growth in:

  • early literacy, mathematics, cognitive, and socio-emotional skills and
  • imagination, creativity, and problem-solving.”[2]

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Amplify seeks to harness media in a way that helps people of all ages, including children, to develop spiritually. Using streaming video content, you can engage children in learning and experiencing Bible stories, and applying faith to their lives. Quality media has been proven to increases children’s interest.[3] Amplify can help you increase their interest in God and God’s stories.The best part about the Amplify platform is that it isn’t tied to any specific location. You can take these experiences into the home, the car, the soccer field, hospital, or anywhere. The ability to take Amplify anywhere means you can teach and experience God with kids wherever they are. Amplify makes children’s ministry adaptable to today’s demands and easier for anyone to connect kids with the stories of our faith. We want the next generation to experience the stories that have impacted generations and
generations using a medium that they are already familiar with, learning from,
and enjoy.

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