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What if your small group could engage together in a robust library of trusted studies anywhere, anytime?

Now You Can.

Group leaders know that fostering participation and growing genuine community is crucial to a group's spiritual growth together, but in a busy and mobile world, authentic connection is more difficult than ever.

With You Can...

  • Reach people where they are in their faith journey to unlock new levels of engagement

  • Select together the resources that resonate in the formats that are easy and accessible

  • Explore together a continually expanding library of content, all within your monthly subscription price

  • Cultivate interactions that create genuine community and growing relationships

  • Engage people from anywhere and at any time

  • Easily prepare to lead groups and activities through preparation resources created just for the study you are teaching

Download a detailed list of Amplify features

Amplify is designed to support your church's unique needs with three different plan options. Download the guide below to select the plan that's right for you.

Get Started With Amplify

Right here, right now, your church can have access to 1000's of high quality resources for study, training, worship and reflection.


“One of the most important challenges of the church today is simply digital community. If we can tap into not the fear, but the hope, that there is community physical and digital, we can bring real change and real hope to people wherever they are.”

- Zach Bechtold
Pastor, Choteau UMC

“I think we're going to finally have some things that we can tangibly use, that we don't feel like we're constantly recreating the wheel by ourselves, which is exciting.”

- Cameron Merrill
Pastor, Hillsborough UMC

60 Christian leaders from all types of church communities came together to help develop Amplify.

Ready to get started?

Find the content you need with powerful searching and filtering by topic, scripture, keywords, audience, liturgical season and more. Customize content to fit your needs and your personalized multimedia platform to reflect your church’s emphasis in ministry. Provide your church or small group with a reliable source of Christian content through a Wesleyan lens for study, training, worship and inspiration.