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Amplify is a multi‐media platform that delivers high quality, searchable content with an emphasis on Wesleyan perspectives for church‐wide, group, or individual use on any device at any time. 

Amplify is a creative, logical extension of the United Methodist Publishing House business of developing, aggregating, promoting, and delivering resources that congregations and their leaders need and want for their ministries.  This new technology rightly builds on UMPH’s direct experience, observation of the marketplace, and an intensive process of listening and dreaming with customers/practitioners. In fact, over 60 church leaders representing clergy, Christian educators, media and worship leaders, and online learning specialists were engaged with UMPH for over a year in the development of this new multimedia platform which, in total, was two years in development.

During this time, UMPH tapped into the passion, experience and unique perspectives of church leaders in other settings as well; small group meetings specifically devoted to discipleship, large gatherings of children’s pastors, online focus groups with the leaders of churches of all sizes, and large-scale research with hundreds of clergy regarding their felt needs. These thought leaders from across the mainline church helped us understand the importance of content that was theologically sound, had high quality production values and was searchable by topic, scripture, church calendar or liturgical event or key word. Our research and experience confirm that the church leaders we serve are overwhelmed by choices on one hand and dismayed by an apparent lack of resources (specifically Wesleyan in viewpoint) on the other. “What to teach and how to teach?” is the historic Methodist question that Amplify was built to answer.

Amplify is the first new sales channel created by UMPH
since the launch of in 1997.

This exciting new sales and distribution channel opens a new world of possibilities for giving important voices – both national and local -- and new content a faster path to market through a truly “digital first” workflow. By employing video, podcasts, audio books and other digital media UMPH and the churches we serve can truly meet the customer – any customer – where they are with an array of products they will choose, use and value regardless of their choice of media or learning style.

Most important, Amplify gives churches media capabilities that are contemporary, relevant, effective and, most importantly, affordable and sustainable. Amplify is unique in that the church’s own brand is ‘at the top of the page’ -- through Amplify’s unique customization features, churches can create online experiences for their congregations that are a distinctive reflection of their ministry and mission. Any church, regardless of size or expertise, can quickly and easily put their logo and church information on a high quality digital media platform, presenting it as a church resource. Each church also brings their own mission and ministry to the site by choosing how content is featured or suppressed, loading their own content, sharing media with other churches and communicating with their community about shared opportunities for learning. Because Amplify was built to be fully adaptable to church size in pricing, usability, technology requirements and customization options, the platform has infinite possibilities for discipleship and outreach for any size of church or community.

By making digital content widely accessible and readily available to church communities wherever members live, work, study or worship, Amplify pragmatically supports a ministry of sharing the love of Christ and the grace of God.

The United Methodist Publishing House (UMPH) distributes the official publications, records and forms of the denomination; publishes books through Abingdon Press; and operates Cokesbury, its retail division, Amplify, Connected Faith, a mobile Bible study app, and, which offers online resources and community for leaders. The publishing house also produces and distributes church school materials and study resources throughout the denomination. 

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