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Amplify Media Resource Center

Welcome to Amplify

So now that you have joined Amplify Media, what’s next?

Amplify has made the process of launching for your church easy. We've also created several helpful videos for your account and dashboard management, as well as how to use Amplify Groups to help you stay connected.


Account Management

Administrators can view and learn how to manage their account, as well as assist setting up subscribers.

Launch Materials

Access the tools and messaging you need to launch across your digital platforms and in person so everyone can start enjoying all that Amplify offers.

Amplify Groups

Amplify Groups is a way to connect online and allows Amplify subscribers to watch videos together and chat as a group, wherever you are.

Amplify Media Planning Guide

Check out our planning guide to help with year-round study needs for everyone in your church.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our most asked questions to help you navigate Amplify.

From The Amplify Newsletter

The Amplify Guide is a regular newsletter that helps account administrators make the most of Amplify Media for your church and small groups.