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Getting Started with Everyday Faith

Welcome to Everyday Faith

Everyday Faith is a video-first children's faith formation guide that allows children
to engage in faith exploration with any trusted adult, anywhere, anytime.


Launching Everyday Faith in your children's ministry is easy with Amplify's how-to helps.
Use the links below to learn more about using Everyday Faith, supported by Amplify.

Getting Started with Amplify

Watch the complete Amplify tutorial to get started with Amplify, as well as assist setting up group leaders and subscribers.

For Families

Help your families set up their account,
learn to navigate Amplify, and make the most
of Everyday Faith.

For Administrators

View and learn how to navigate your dashboard and manage your church's account with these quick tutorials.

Amplify/Everyday Faith Groups

Learn about Everyday Faith groups that connect your families online to watch videos together and chat as a group, wherever they are.